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In Love with Miss Lektro Set


Good design makes me happy.

And that is why this can of 1969 Lektro Set has been sitting on my studio drafting table all summer.

If I were ever anthropomorphically transformed into, let’s say, a bottle of 1960’s Hai Karate men’s cologne, Miss Lektro Set’s pouty lips would certainly catch my eye. She looks great even under one of those big salon hair dryers that the product’s package designer craftily fashioned out of its white plastic cap.

For those interested, Lektro Set was a spray you could use to “set” hair “between shampoos” by spraying and sitting under a dryer for ten minutes.


Digger and My Brother


Growing up, my brother and I could not have been more different. I had that über competitive streak and perfectionist personality and he had the easy going one. I had to be number one in every class and grade and I can’t remember ever seeing my brother crack open a text book, even once…although I’m sure he did. I remember, as kids one summer, we were partners in a treasure hunt—the camper finding the most peanuts gets the grand prize. Only he got hungry and snacked though our winnings before the final tally :(

Fast forward a few decades. It’s funny how similar brothers can become. Some might even say we now look like identical twins (he’s a few years older). What really is interesting is that I have a career in the medical field and as you can tell by this website, enjoy writing about advertising. My brother, on the other hand, is a very successful advertising executive with a special interest in medicine. He creates copy and oversees advertisements for all types of medical lasers and medications, including his team’s award-winning promotional calendar featuring Digger the Lamisil® fungus. Watch your toes! In that calendar’s month of October, Digger had a Halloween treat for your toenails, AKA: athlete’s foot.

A belated congratulations on your wedding, Rich. Wishing you and Cathy, (fungal-free) health and happiness!