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Boing Boinged!



Keep an eye on tweets and bandwidth—if Mark Frauenfelder or any other editor of the must-read “Directory of Wonderful Things” site Boing Boing notices you, your traffic may just bounce into the stratosphere. As A World of Characters comes to a close we also wish to thank the many pop culture and business websites that featured it, including Fast Company, Laughing Squid, Kinder Modern and Blazenfluff. Also, many thanks to our friends from France at Crealab Itecom Nice for their very nice review of these great mascottes publicitaires.

My Favorite Robot

One of my favorite cases at the SFO exhibition is the “Robots” featuring the Mido Watch Robot among many other mechanical men. Companies that made nuts and bolts, timepieces, appliances and computers gravitated toward the robot as a a symbol of accuracy, strength and reliability. Of these advertising inventions perhaps my favorite is the little known Sidal Robot.

Sidal, a German manufacturer of aluminum, made aluminum rods, disks and sheets. Their robot showed off their ability to mold, assemble and transform aluminum into things of beauty. Although most of the reviewers of the exhibition concentrated on the ad icon classics like Tony the Tiger, it’s the little known ad characters that are some of the most fun. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the Sidal robot has three arms!



Terrific Tweets!

While walking past the landmark City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, I was delighted to find my Firecrackers book in their window display one Fourth of July in 2000. And on my first afternoon in London a year later, there it was again at the Dover Book Shop near Charing Cross Road. Experiences like that are always gratifying to an author.

But in this day of social media, I don’t think I was prepared for the immediate and immense feedback generated by the exhibition of my advertising icon collection. Besides seeing all the smiling faces enjoying the exhibition of A World Of Characters at the SFO International Terminal, here are some of my favorite tweets:Amazing-Twitter Brilliant-Twitter Glorious-Twitter Incredible-2-Twitter