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Digger and My Brother


Growing up, my brother and I could not have been more different. I had that über competitive streak and perfectionist personality and he had the easy going one. I had to be number one in every class and grade and I can’t remember ever seeing my brother crack open a text book, even once…although I’m sure he did. I remember, as kids one summer, we were partners in a treasure hunt—the camper finding the most peanuts gets the grand prize. Only he got hungry and snacked though our winnings before the final tally :(

Fast forward a few decades. It’s funny how similar brothers can become. Some might even say we now look like identical twins (he’s a few years older). What really is interesting is that I have a career in the medical field and as you can tell by this website, enjoy writing about advertising. My brother, on the other hand, is a very successful advertising executive with a special interest in medicine. He creates copy and oversees advertisements for all types of medical lasers and medications, including his team’s award-winning promotional calendar featuring Digger the Lamisil® fungus. Watch your toes! In that calendar’s month of October, Digger had a Halloween treat for your toenails, AKA: athlete’s foot.

A belated congratulations on your wedding, Rich. Wishing you and Cathy, (fungal-free) health and happiness!