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How Many Martin Oil Company Logos and NINA’s Can You Find?


Growing up in NYC the Sunday Entertainment section of the New York Times would have a weekly illustration by Al Hirschfeld. Hirschfeld is known for hiding his daughter’s name Nina in most of the caricatures he produced after her birth. The name would appear in a sleeve, in a hairdo, or somewhere in the background. Hirschfeld engaged in this “harmless insanity,” as he called it, of hiding her name NINA at least once in each of his drawings. The number of NINA’s concealed is shown by a numeral to the right of his signature. There are three in the Man of La Mancha.

Many brand mascots have their product’s name emblazoned across their chest. However, some are anthropomorphized where the product becomes the torso of the character. The Martin Oil Company’s serviceman is unique in that he is composed of his company’s logo several times over. It’s in the shape of his serviceman’s cap. How many can you find?