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Woofs and Meows!


Cat Food for Thought and Dog Food for Thought have received many lovely reviews. Here are some of our 5 star favorites:

My favorite interview was with Tamar Arslanian and featured on her fun blog, I Have Cat. Also interviewed was my friend and muse, Christina K.:

Editor Ben Marks of Collectors Weekly explored the collecting and graphic design aspects of pet food label art with me:

Introducing Carla Sinclair’s new terrific website, Wink––remarkable books on paper. We were so pleased to be honored.

Mark Frauenfelder’s The Happy Mutant Handbook was an inspiration to my publishing aspirations. As distinguished editor of Boing Boing here’s what he had to say:

Also read my interview in Bark:

See our book as a “Staff Pick” in the MOMA Design Store.