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The Mad Scientist


Market investors have read a great deal recently about a low-price growth stock, SodaStream. Even the New Yorker magazine detailed this make-your-own-soda machine company’s efforts to run a commercial in this year’s Superbowl. Their stylish, modern kitchen appliance can be found in Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Samsung is even designing refrigerators incorporated with them.

Of course every American schoolboy once knew that if you wanted to make a home-brewed carbonated drink, it required no more than to drop a Fizzies tablet in a glass of water. Fizzies, first developed in the 1950’s, was eventually acquired by the pharmaceutical giant, Warner Lambert, which by 1971 was producing seven flavors. In that year, colorful package illustrations depicted a Wizard, Witch, Zulu Warrior, Genie and Magician among others.

This is my newest find and my favorite Fizzies character: The Mad Scientist. It is exactly who you were, when topping off a bubbly “imitation cherry” Fizzies drink with a splat of Reddi-wip.

(The original Fizzies ad character, a smiling tablet, appeared in Meet Mr. Product and two Fizzies packets are on view in Ad Boy)